روضة الاطفال

Character Development

Dragonflies builds a foundation in Sira, Quran, Sunnah, Aqidah, Fiqh, and stories of the companions. Within these topics, the program is centered around character building, leadership, and inner spiritual growth.

Spiritual Intelligence

The Dragonflies curriculum is what parents have been wishing for – a program that goes beyond halal and haram and teaches ihsan, hope, and happiness.

Positive Educational Experiences

The Dragonflies curriculum is designed by educational specialists and taught by diverse instructors trained through the Ribaat Academic Institute.

Strong Muslim Identity

Dragonflies teaches about the heart of Islam and its values, understanding the why’s and not just what’s and how’s in small groups to develop relationships with their teachers and classmates.

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Enhancing spirituality for Muslim women through daily routines involves incorporating Islamic practices into their everyday lives while also nurturing their connection with Allah and their faith. Here are some suggestions:

Salah and Dhikr, Recitation of Quran , Dua , Learning and Seeking Knowledge, Acts of Kindness and Charity, Morning & Evening Reflection and Gratitude , Self-Reflection and Self-Improvement,Connection with Community.

Daily Recitation

Spirituality  enhancing  for
today’s Muslim woman by Daily Recitation

Daily Ibadaat

Spirituality  enhancing  for
today’s Muslim woman by Daily Ibadaat

only 5 min Learning

Spirituality  enhancing  for
today’s Muslim woman by Daily Learning.

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