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Akhawat Arabic programmes

The Akhawat Arabic Language Program is structured into 3 levels: Beginner; Intermediate; and Advanced, based on the first three levels of the ACTFL framework. Each of these levels is further split into 3 bands: Beginner; Middle; and High. A set number of modules will be required to progress from one band to the next, and to qualify for a level. 


 By the end of the level,  learners in the Beginner Arabic Language Program will be able to: 

Read (‘read’ refers to phonetic decoding skills) the Arabic script, Understand key words and fomulaic phrases in written texts, Extract a limited amount of information from highly predictable, short, non-complex texts in which the topic or context is very familiar, relying on their background knowledge and extralinguistic support to derive meaning, Identify basic grammatical structures in context. 


By the end of this level, Intermediate  learners will be able to:

Read  texts fluently and with a high level of accuracy , assisted by their knowledge of vocabulary and knowledge of a wide range of grammatical rules,  Understand fully and with ease short texts that convey basic information, Deal with personal topics to which the reader brings personal interest or knowledge, knowledge of Arabic grammar, Understanding some connected texts featuring description and narration.


By the end of this level, Advanced learners will be able to:

Read and understand Quranic texts with fluency and a good level of comprehension Read and understand and translate Hadith and other non-complex Islamic texts using a dictionary aided by a solid knowledge of grammar  Understand main gist of more complex texts, primarily in narrative and descriptive styles such as Sirah texts Extract information from argumentative texts such as those pertaining to Fiqh and Aqidah.

Why learn Arabic with Akhawat Arabic ?

  • Courses suitable for all kinds of learners, regardless of ability
  • Uses Modern Standard Arabic, spoken throughout the Arab world
  • Optional study with Western script or with Arabic script
  • Focused on communication skills and cultural understanding
  • Recognised language learning levels, with certification
  • Up-to-date language teaching methodologies and approaches

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